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Taiwan Agricultural Information Technology Association (TAITA) was inaugurated at National Chung Hsing University on April 26, 2003. Managing director, directors and supervisors were elected for the first session, with Mr. Peng Zuokui, president of ChungChou Institute of Technology, acted as managing director of the first session. The current managing director of the association is Mr. Huang Yuxing, director of the Forestry Experimental Institute. The association was approved for establishment with Taineishezhi No.0920022116 in June 2003 by the Ministry of the Interior. This association is a non-profit social organization with members constituting of elites of the government, industry and academic circles of the agricultural information technology field. 


To integrate agriculture and relevant industry, government departments, civic bodies and the academic circle for strengthening planning of agricultural knowledge management, promotion of agricultural information technology, international academic research exchange and promotion of educational training, thereby foster overall development of agricultural information technology. 


The goals of TAITA are as follows:

  • Establish progress indices for domestic agricultural information technology development and carry on industrial survey and relevant development researches to provide reference basis for agricultural development policy. 
  • Provide professional service and consultancy and employ information technology to foster industry upgrade. 
  • Draft cultivation plan for relevant talents of the agricultural information technology and foster development of allround agricultural information talents in Taiwan to close the digital divide of the agricultural field. 
  • Participate in international agricultural information technology research and promotion organization, promote academic interchange plan and foster international and cross-strait agricultural information technology applications and cooperation for academic development. 

Principal businesses

  • Agricultural technology development research: Research state of development of domestic, overseas agricultural information technology and propose recommendations for local application strategies and policy development and planning. 
  • Agricultural information educational training: Sponsor relevant agricultural information educational training and seminars for agricultural researchers, promotion personnel, farmers and the general public to improve the quality of agricultural manpower. 
  • Agricultural technology consultancy and counseling: Provide professional agricultural information technology and management consultancy and counseling service and foster agricultural operation and management efficiency to improve domestic agricultural competitiveness. 
  • Industry service: Integrate the various services of TAITA to provide agriculture and the information technology industry allround information technology and strategy development service. 

Taiwan Agricultural Information Technology Association

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